Hoxx VPN: The No. 01 VPN for Your Online Security

Hoxx VPN is not just another Virtual Private Network that promises you millions of things and sniffs your private information to rip you off! While there are so many VPNs out there, there is only a handful you can trust. Owned and operated by VPN1 LLC, Hoxx provides that much needed secure blanket, to ensure that your online existence is secured. While allowing you the freedom of information by granting access to all the unreachable geo-government jammed websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc…

Hoxx VPN Platforms

The Hoxx VPN can be installed in pretty much all platforms and following is how;

Hoxx VPN
Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension

You can get the extended protection applied to your Chrome browser via going through the Hoxx VPN Chrome Extension page

If you don’t know how to access the web store, type in Google “Chrome Web Store” or “Chrome extensions,” it should lead you straight to the app download page. If not, to be more direct, type in “Hoxx Chrome Extension” and it will directly take you where you want to be. Once you land on the extension page, click on “Add to Chrome” and you will be guided to a landing page while simultaneously adding the extension to your browser. To activate it, click on the Hoxx icon in your browser, select the language, and create an account completely free of charge.

Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension

Hoxx VPN Firefox Addon

Hoxx VPN for firefox can be installed in pretty much the same way as done for Chrome. You can add it via going to the very source which is the hoxx website 

Hoxx VPN Firefox Addon or by adding the extension through “Add-on” feature available in Firefox menu. A shortcut key to access the add-on library would be “Ctrl + Shift + A” which will take you to the list of extensions available for firefox. From there it’s a matter of installing it to your browser. To activate the service, click on the symbol appeared in the browser to create a free account, to access the services they are proud to provide for you.

Hoxx VPN Proxy Firefox Add-on

Hoxx VPN for Android

Secure your mobile device with the most protective VPN that not only mask your online visibility. But also protecting you against malicious downloads and unwanted sniffers tapping into your browser communications. The quickest way to download is, go to the Play Store and search for Hoxx , and download the Hoxx APK from the android play store. 

Hoxx VPN apk
Hoxx VPN apk

Once it is installed, to activate it, create a free account, which is to be verified via your email and then you are ready to go! But for any reason, you are unable to find the application, go to the website through this link  and download the Hoxx VPN apk and install it in your phone. If not merely google it as “Hoxx apk Download” and install the apk from there.

Hoxx VPN for iOS Devices

Time to guard your Apple! Enjoy the freedom of information and access to all content on the internet from anywhere in the world. Download Hoxx VPN for iOS devices to protect yourself from harmful eavesdroppers, hackers, and many more who mask themselves as friendly marketing cookies. All you got to do is install the Hoxx to your iOS and install it. 

You can download it directly from the source Hoxx VPN iOS or go to the app store. Once installed, you will only need to create an account, which is entirely free of charge and to activate the services to encrypt your online activity.

Hoxx VPN iOS
Hoxx VPN iOS

Hoxx VPN for Windows 

Protect your online existence by protecting your workstation! That’s right the most important part is to make sure the prime communication point is secured, and that is the desktop or your laptop! Download and install Hoxx VPN for Windows to protect you against malicious attempts, trying to obtain your sensitive information by cloaking your visibility. 

The installation is pretty simple, you may download the .exe file from the source  or google “Hoxx VPN for Windows,” and voila you’ll be able to download and install the same. To activate the services, select your preferred language, and create a free account in Hoxx to begin your secure browsing experience in the World Wide Web.

Hoxx VPN for Windows
Hoxx VPN for Windows

Hoxx VPN for iMac

“Hoxx VPN for iOS” is the phrase you should begin typing to secure your online activity and the sensitive information that your iMac carry. Hoxx is pretty easy to install, which you can download the file from the parent website Hoxx VPN for iMac or search it as mentioned above.

Once the installation is complete, you would only need to create an account in Hoxx to begin your secured online activities. If you are unsure, always check authentic Hoxx VPN Reviews given by many that claims how seamless the experience is. So, take charge now and be open for limitless possibilities without fear.

Hoxx VPN for iMac
Hoxx for iMac
Hoxx VPN Features
Hoxx Features

Hoxx VPN Features

Following are the features of the Hoxx VPN

1. Secured Online Privacy

Hackers always try to access your data by malicious websites and weak public Wi-Fi connections. Hoxx application cloaks your online existence and prevents harmful sites from accessing your data. 

2. Change of Location

Your IP address is always exposed when you do online communications. Hoxx VPN changes your IP address providing you with a new one so that your location is secured.

3. High Encryption

Not all the sites you browse are secured! A hacker can always listen to your communication from your browser to your target websites. With Hoxx, as a default feature, it encrypts all your connections between sites and servers. No compromises!

4. Minimal Configuration

It’s natural as breathing. You don’t have to be a tech-genius to protect yourself! Once you register with the service and get the browser add-on, you are golden! It’s simple as that.

5. Complete Access to Content

Are you being blocked from sites just because you live in another part of the world? You have the right to information, and Hoxx’ll give you access to all geo-blocked, and the government blocked content.

6. Premium Support

Just like you deserved to be protected, you deserved to be treated right! That’s why their multi-level team of experts are quick on response and solutions because you are valued!

Hoxx VPN Advantages
Hoxx Advantages

Hoxx VPN Advantages

1. Speed and security

Why compromise your browsing speed for anything? That dilemma is long gone. Unlike others, their security protocol, which comprises of encrypting of your data. Does not compromise you on your speed nor your security, therefore, gives you seamless browsing experience.

2. Affordable

High quality comes with a higher price tag, and Hoxx break out from that wheel! It is your right to be secured during this advancing tech times, and they provide you with the best of the security at a price that’s comforting to your pocket.

3. Over 50+ locations

Hoxx is constantly expanding its server locations across the globe so that you can increasingly benefit from their services in a more faster, safer manner every week.

4. No bandwidth restrictions

Why limit yourself for anything? There are no maximum or minimum bandwidth restrictions from Hoxx. You will be given the privilege of using their full bandwidth for data transfers, and that’s a service agreement we will not break!

5. Prevent Tracking

Everyone wants to keep track of you! From simple marketing strategies to observing your routine. The application will filter out insecure advertising network cookies so that the bad guys can’t track you within your country of origin.

6. Money-back Guarantee

Unlike many other promises made by providers. If you don’t think Hoxx deliver what they advertise, call them off, and they’ll return your money within 14 days! No questions asked! It’s your money, your call.

Difference Between Paid and Unpaid:

“What more do you won’t get in the Paid version” is that the question in your mind? Apart from the main which is Speed and the support, let’s see what the two types entail;

Hoxx VPN benefits of the Free version

  • 50+ locations to use as your mask from across the world
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Bypass Government restricted domains
  • 1024-bit end to end encryption
  • Zero configuration setup
  • Faster browsing through our integrated intelligent routing algorithm
  • Unlimited server switches
  • 99% up-time.

Following are the benefits of upgrading your account;

Hoxx VPN Paid Version
Hoxx Paid Version (Go to Official Website)

Hoxx VPN benefits of the Paid version

  • Including everything mentioned under Free account
  • 4096-bit encryption end-to-end as opposed to 1080-bit encryption in the free version – in layman’s terms stronger encryption
  • Access to exclusive, premium servers across the globe
  • Prevents intrusive, suspecting advertising networks from tracking your online activities
  • Advanced malicious website filtering
  • Premium 24/7 customer support via email and chat

Hoxx VPN Proxy : The No.01 VPN for Your Online Security

The Hoxx VPN can be installed in pretty much all platforms & following is how? Hoxx VPN for Chrome Extension, Hoxx VPN for Firefox Add-on, Hoxx VPN Android App

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox

Application Category: VPN Tool

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