Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension

Hoxx VPN Chrome extension is an add-on provided by the Hoxx team to give that additional encrypted protection to your browsing activity directly through the chrome browser. Thereby, you’ll have an extra layer of protection apart from the standard security provided by the extension.

Benefits of Hoxx VPN Chrome extension

  1. It’s 100% free
  2. 100+ servers all across the world stationed to give you the best of the services
  3. Faster browsing through our integrated intelligent routing algorithm
  4. Bypassing of government restricted, geo-restricted domains
  5. 1024-bit end to end encryption
  6. And most importantly protect yourself from infiltrations and unwanted trackers

How to Download Hoxx VPN Chrome extension install

Hoxx VPN Chrome extension can be downloaded quickly. All you’ve got to do is either google for “Hoxx VPN Chrome extension” which will directly take you to the installation page or go to the parent website anytime to download the file from the source. But since you are here and now, we’ll make your life easy by giving you to download the extension from below.

Steps to Install

  1. Once you land on the page Hoxx VPN Chrome page, all you got to do is click on the button named “Add to ”
Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension
Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension

      2. Then a pop-up will appear requesting your consent to access the types of information they’ll be able to reach. Check the privacy policy of Hoxx  on how they handle the data

Hoxx VPN Chrome Extension
Hoxx VPN Extension

      3. Once you click the add extension from the pop-up above. It’s done! 😀 All you got to do is activate the feature by signing up to Hoxx which is entirely free of charge.

Hoxx Chrome Extension
Hoxx Chrome Extension

How to Set up an account in Hoxx VPN

  1. Once you select your preferred language, it will direct you to the login page. In that click on the Create an Account link at the bottom.
  2. To create a new account, you have to provide;
    1. A valid email
    2. And a password only (and confirm it by entering twice)
  3. Once done, to validate the email ID, a verification email will be sent to the email provided, on which you need to click on the link shared in the email.
  4. When you have successfully verified, voila – it’s time to sign in and cloak your virtual existence with the best VPN in the world.


In any case, if it doesn’t go smoothly as mentioned above, it could be due to the following factors;

  1. You may experience on delay in getting the verification email, give it about 5 minutes it will be shared with you
  2. If you can’t get signed in, Hoxx store a cache of 01 minutes maybe you tried to sign in during such a window. Try again after a minute or two

That should be it, but if you are still unable to access the services, please contact the team through [email protected]

How to Uninstall Hoxx VPN

Uninstall Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension
Uninstall Hoxx VPN Proxy Chrome Extension

For any reason (although there shouldn’t be any), if you would like to uninstall the VPN, you have to right-click on the Hoxx icon from the browser and remove from chrome.

Hoxx VPN Proxy
Hoxx VPN Proxy
Developer: hoxx.com
Price: Free

Hoxx VPN Chrome Extension Free Download Latest Version

Hoxx VPN Chrome extension is an add-on provided by the Hoxx team to give that additional encrypted protection to your browsing activity on chrome browser.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Chrome Extension

Application Category: VPN Tool

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