What is so special about Hoxx VPN over others?

Apart from its excellent user experience, Hoxx VPN is one of the best VPNs out there, that provides superior protection for its free users. The choices are vast, and apart from cloaking your IP address, Hoxx VPN sniffs out harmful online spaces, protecting you against the danger that’s lurking on the net. Furthermore, it protects you against tracking, unblocking sites, and changing your location to ensure your privacy.

Why do you have both a free and paid account?

The objective of Hoxx is to provide the best service in terms of assuring protection against the advancing negatives on the internet. That’s one of the reasons why our Free account is pretty extensive of all the features which other service providers include in their premium version. However, our paid version is to cater to the clients, who want the same service in larger-scale. Thus to handle the additional request for the infrastructure, we’ve created a paid account. Our ultimate goal is to provide the premium service to all users one day, and we are working on expanding our strengths to make it happen in the near future.

How does Hoxx VPN protect me?

The application is designed to let you enjoy your time in the virtual world without having to compromise your security for it. Following are the ways we ensure your safety;

1. Filter out websites that carry harmful programs called viruses that might threaten to compromise yours and your family’s privacy.
2. Encrypting all your communications from your device to respective online site you are browsing. The encryption is especially important when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi spot where the ISP could be compromised, and an intrusive party can gain entry and have access to all your personal, sensitive data.
3. Many websites use tracking scripts for marketing strategies, and some do that just to infiltrate you. We remove the harmful trackers from your online scent and make sure your internet presence is undisturbed and protected.

If I use your service, will my bandwidth or my resources be used?

Unlike other VPN service providers, we do not use your resources. And frankly, by using your resources means, the application would be using your information against your will, which is something we are protecting you against in the first place. Therefore, before you take services of another VPN, make sure to do a background check, because some providers they would use your info and let other people surf through your IP address, and thereby unknowingly looping you in on dangerous activities carried online, without you being the wiser.

Which platforms are you supported?

We are continually improving ourselves and adding more platforms to cater to a better service. However, all of our core applications currently targets on the browser market. The reason for that is more than 90% of the online activities are carried through a browser, even the initial starting to point. Therefore, securing the main point of communication is their current goal, and as their strengths expand, they will be moving on to other platforms.
Our applications are currently can be installed in;
Chrome web browser
Firefox web browser
Android mobile OS
iOS mobile
Windows OS
Mac OS
Now we are working on to cover the Opera browser, which will be coming soon.

Is it alright if I use my free account for business?

Absolutely! If you are able to perform with the amount of leeway Hoxx has given for the free account, the application is yours to command. There’s no restriction on how you should handle your hoxx account.

What information does hoxx, collect, and stores back in your database?

It only captures your login information, whatever the settings you’ve customized inside the application and few of the error messages to identify the root cause for proxy failures. They do not save anything other than that. For more details, please read their privacy policy

When I install your application, I get a warning message from my anti-virus.?

As a policy, they do not request or have any right to access your private information. Therefore, there is no need for your anti-virus to be triggered during the download or installation. However, as it is uncertain on what criteria the antivirus acts on. Therefore, if you are absolutely sure it wasn’t one of the websites open or other software, and solely because of the Hoxx application, please contact us with the error message received and will work on it solve the issue.
In summary; it should not trigger an anti-virus software.

How can I find out which server is the fastest from the list you’ll provide?

There’s no concrete answer, as it depends on your location, the VPN’s location, all routers between you and our connection, bandwidth trends on usage, etc.. But generally servers from the USA seems to adapt to any means and therefore, is known to be the fastest.

Do I need to make any configurations, changes in the setting to use Hoxx application?

Absolutely not! You just need to register, verify your email and that’s about it.

What does Hoxx do, if I keep it in my device but does not use it?

The Hoxx will not do anything and will go back to a sleep mode. It will not collect information nor do anything whatsoever until you use it services.

Can I look at your code and decompile your software?

Yes, you may check out the code as they are very transparent about their service, but decompiling and altering the system is strictly prohibited. Please check out the Terms & Conditions for a better understanding.

Are there any download limits?

For FREE users, yes, but for paid users, it’s unlimited.

Hoxx VPN FAQ section is end. You have any doubt on Hoxx VPN. Please comment bellow.

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