Hoxx VPN Firefox Add-on

Hoxx VPN Firefox Add-on is the add-on provided by the hoxx team to make sure your browsing experience through firefox is as seamless as possible. By downloading and using the add-on, all your online activities carried out from the browser will be encrypted, thereby protecting you from harmful eavesdroppers and other attackers, who are always finding a loophole to get to you.

Benefits of Hoxx VPN Firefox Addon

  1. Enabling you the opportunity to browse restricted sites within seconds
  2. Adding a layer of protection to your internet privacy
  3. Blanketing your location making you invisible to the online crawlers
  4. And to be protected against malicious websites


How to download Hoxx Firefox Addon

Hoxx VPN Firefox add-on can be downloaded from the product website itself for which the link is Hoxx VPN Proxy Firefox Add-on . If not google by typing “Hoxx VPN add-on for firefox” and you’ll be able to the correct page as the first search result.

Once you land on the add-on page, click on the “Add to Firefox.”

Being a responsible service provider, it will ask permission to access and continue with its services laying out their requirements in the following pop-up. You can always cancel and not install or accept their requests and add the extension to the browser.


Once added, another pop-up will appear, giving the option to run on the incognito mode which would give you double the protection.

Hoxx VPN Firefox

Setting up the Hoxx account

  1. Click on the hoxx icon on the browser
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. Click on the create account and provide an authentic email ID and a password
  4. To verify the email account, click on the verification link emailed to the provided email ID
  5. That’s it! You’ve created your security blanket, and now you are invisible in the virtual world.

Uninstalling of Hoxx VPN for Firefox

Even though you might not need this piece of information, as you would love this, we must provide you guidelines on everything.

If by any chance you would want to remove the extension, the easiest way to do it, right-click on the hoxx icon in the browser and click on “Remove Extension” option from the browser. You can go to the browser settings and from the section “Manage Extension.”

Hoxx VPN Firefox

Hoxx VPN Proxy
Hoxx VPN Proxy
Developer: Hoxx Vpn
Price: Free

Hoxx VPN Firefox Add-on Free Download Latest Version

Hoxx VPN Firefox Add-on is the add-on provided by the Hoxx team to make sure your browsing experience through Firefox is as seamless as possible

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Firefox Add-on

Application Category: VPN Tool

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