Hoxx VPN iOS

Just as the Android application, use the Hoxx VPN iOS to open doors to new possibilities. Use your smartphone wisely and browse the online world, going beyond the boundaries or geo-government restricted content. The Hoxx VPN not only protects you against malicious software but also hides your identity from the dangerous that try to tap into your online connection.

Hoxx VPN iOS
Hoxx VPN iOS

Unique features of Hoxx VPN iOS

There are many VPNs out there, promising the Sun and the Moon and everything in between. But either they scam you, or you got to pay a hefty price for all the extra layers of protection. Our Free version more than just hide you, we protect you, and the following is how.

  1. Safe connection to public Wi-FI through protective layer offered through Hoxx VPN
  2. Safeguarding your privacy by sniffing out scammers, phishers and unauthorized access
  3. Hiding of your IP address to ensure your from malicious crawlers
  4. Unhindered entry to geo-government restricted websites
  5. And protection against malicious websites


Hoxx VPN iOS Download for iPhone

To download Hoxx VPN for iOS, you can always search in the Apple APP store, or by directly downloading it from the official site. But to make life easy for you, please click on the below link to download the Hoxx VPN for iPhone.

Hoxx VPN iOS

Once you’ve downloaded the application to your iPhone, create an account by simply entering your email ID and the Password. An email will be sent to the registered email ID to authenticate the same. When the ID has been verified, you are good to go and check out how easy it is to use the application.

How to connect to the user the Hoxx VPN

When you log in to the application, you will be given a list of countries to select, which will be used to mask your local IP address and seem to log in through the country you’ve chosen.

Confirm the connection, and you are free to browse the web as freely as possible.

How to uninstall the application from iOS

To uninstall the app, tap and hold or long-press on the Hoxx VPN application icon until it starts to wiggle under your touch. When that happens, an “X” will appear on the upper left corner of the icon. Tap the “X” and tap again on “Delete” when the option is popped up for you.

‎Hoxx VPN
‎Hoxx VPN
Developer: VPN1 LLC
Price: Free

Hoxx VPN iOS - Best VPN for iOS Users (Totally Free)

Are you know that public Internet locations are dangerous for your personal data? Eassy way to protect your data on Hoxx VPN iOS.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: iOS

Application Category: VPN Tool

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